I thought it would be a good ideal to post answers to some of the most frequently asked questions I receive. Hopefully this will help you in your purchase. If you don’t see your question listed feel free to ask. I will answer promptly.

Q. Are they salvage bikes??

No, I do not deal with salvage or wrecked bikes.

Q. Why so Cheap??

I strive to provide clean late model American motorcycles at a reasonable and affordable price point. I am always willing to take more.

Q. Why such low miles??

It is hard to say, it really is not uncommon to find bikes with less than 5000 miles, actually I strive to keep low mileage bikes in inventory. Our riding season is short here as well as other places in the country so sometimes it is hard for a person to rack up any mileage.

Q. How many owners??

Typically they are all one owner machines.

Q. Do you ship??

Yes I ship motorcycles all over the world,  however I can not make the arrangements for you. I can provide you with companies that I use and will assist where I can but the arrangements and details have to be made by you. It is a liability thing. 

Q. Are you a Harley-Davidson® Dealer??

Lord No!!! I am a licensed, bonded and insured Independent motorcycle dealer that specializes in American motorcycles.

Q. Do you finance??

Yes I offer finance options, rates and terms are dependent on your credit. 

Q. Can I register this bike in my State??

Yes, I have never had any problems with customers registering bikes, all of my bikes have clean and clear titles and can be registered in any state, it is your responsibility to know the rules of your state.

Q. Do I have to pay tax??

We do not have sales tax in Oregon, I do not charge sales tax unless I do the financing. You will however be responsible for any tax and fees in your state.

Q. Will you take less for the bike??

I strive very hard to be fair and reasonable in my pricing. I am typically the least expensive in the Northwest on a comparable bike and quite often I am the least expensive across the country. I am open to offers but please be realistic, a guy has to feed his family.

Q. Is there any warranty??

Typically the majority of my bikes have existing factory warranties.

Q. Why do you look so young and handsome??

Actually I have never been asked this question, I was just seeing if you were paying attention.